Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need to seal porcelain tiles?

No. Porcelain tiles are hard and dense with a smooth surface, making them non-absorbent to sealers.

How much grout do I need?

Calculate how much grout you need here:

What is shade/batch variation?

Tiles boxes display a ‘batch number,’ which indicates the items specific production run. As with most products, tiles may vary in shade, colour, size and appearance from batch to batch.

We want you to be happy with the end result of your tiling. To ensure this we recommend you check that all boxes delivered display the same shade/tone/reference numbers. Laying constitutes acceptance of the product so it is important to identify any issues prior to laying.

What are “Rectified Tiles”?

Rectified tiles are machine cut after their manufacture (by water or laser jet) to give the tiles a 90 degree angle square edge. This gives the tile a “slab like” minimal look and is often desired for aesthetic purposes, as grout lines are less obvious.

What are the different types of tiles?


Wall and Floor Ceramic tiles are made from clay, pressed, glazed, then fired in a kiln at high temperatures.  The finished surface glaze gives a tile its unique colour and pattern. This glaze can be glossy, matt or in some cases contain ‘grit’ to make a tile more slip resistant.

More than most other surface covering materials, tiles keep looking good for a lot longer thanks to their resilient nature. Being hard and strong and having low porosity (especially glazed products) means that tiles resist scratching and withstand the wear and tear of everyday traffic better than most other materials.  They are also hygienic/non-allergenic and generally easy to clean and maintain.  Not to mention other benefits like having high stain resistance, don’t fade and are fire and static resistant.


Refers to ceramic tiles that are made from finer clays, with a higher silica content. Porcelain tiles have added ingredients to give superior density and strength. They are pressed under greater pressure and fired at higher temperatures.  Consequently they tend to be stronger, less porous, more resilient products than traditional wall tiles or glazed ceramic floor tiles.

Can I order my tiles online?

Currently, we do not take orders online. Please visit us in one of our showrooms here.

What is your returns policy?
  1. No Refund or Exchange on all discontinued and clearance products.
  2. Returned Tiles must be over 3m2
  3. Restock/Special Handling fees may apply to returns and exchanges (up to 25% of the goods value).
  4. All claims are only accepted within 7 Calendar Days starting from the date goods are received by the customer.
  5. Returned tiles must be of Current shade and approved by the supplier before accepted by BBC Tiles Centre.
  6. The dimensions of the tiles are Nominal Dimensions only, all size variations are within acceptable standards.
  7. Delivery drivers will only drop the goods on ground level of the building within The Reach of the Crane.
  8. No manual Labour will be carried out by the driver. Please make sure there is adequate space to complete the delivery.
  9. Shade variations are inherent in all clay products.
  10. No responsibility can be accepted for the crazing or shade variation between displayed samples and actual tiles supplied. All tiles should be examined upon receipt. No claims will be accepted once the material is Laid.
  11. All tiles must be laid in accordance with recognised industry standards.
  12. The act of laying the materials means the materials is accepted for decor, shade, quality, type and size.
When are you open?

View our opening hours for all our showrooms here.

This is my first project. Can you help me out?

Of course we can! Our friendly showroom staff can assist you every step of the way. Click here to get in touch with us.

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